15 Best Free SEO Tools That Experts Recommend Using-2019

There are literally hundreds of Free SEO tools out there. I have made a list of 15 Best Free SEO Tools That Experts Recommend Using and Factors thought-about before making this list is the accessibility of tool, views of specialists, quality of tools and also the and the no of people using it. You can add these tools to your tool chest.

Best Free SEO Tools That Experts Recommend using in 2019 :

1. Google’s Tools (Free)

Google makes a number of the simplest best free SEO tools. The tools are not encapsulated into one single tool but still, Google provides free tools covering all aspects of marketing from keyword research to SEO optimization. Below are free tools provided by Google.

Google Keyword Planner: Keyword Planner is a tool that provides keyword ideas and traffic estimates to assist you to build a Search Network campaign. Hunt for keyword and ad groups ideas based on terms that describe your product or service, your website, or a product category associated with what you’re advertising. This feature is provided with in Google Adwords.

Google Trends : It analyzes the search queries in Google Search across numerous regions and languages. It shows the relative interest and trending searches for any given keyword. Google Trends is incredibly simple to use and sometimes offers attention-grabbing insights into keyword quality and media coverage of the subject. The web site uses graphs to match the search volume of various queries over time.

Google search console: This tool is provided free of charge for webmasters, which allows them to check indexing status and optimize visibility of their websites. It List’s internal and external pages that link to the site, Get a list of links which Google bot had difficulty crawling, including the error that Google bot received when accessing the URLs in question.

Google PageSpeed Insights: It is a free tool that checks the speed of your site and  also provides you with suggestions to enhance your page’s performance metrics. Page loading speed is one of the foremost necessary parts of a web site. Higher web site speed results in enhanced user satisfaction and better webpage rankings.

Google Analytics: This one of the best free SEO tools that every digital marketer should be using. Google Analytics is a web analytics tool offered by Google to help you analyze your website traffic. It provides a lot of handy data about websites such as the number of site visits, traffic sources, and location demographics, Analyzes how many people are visiting your website, who they are, where they come from, and their gender.

2. Ahref ( Freemium )

Ahrefs is the best SEO tool when it comes to keyword research, rank tracking, competitor analysis, SEO audit, viral content research, Site explorer, Keywords Explorer, Content Explorer, Rank Tracker, Site audit, SEO toolbar, Domain comparison, Batch analysis Link but all these features are available to you if you buy it .

But the free version of Ahrefs’ provides Backlink Checker that shows the top 100 backlinks to any website or URL, along with the total number of backlinks and referring domains (links from unique sites), Domain Rating (DR), and URL Rating (UR) where applicable.

3.Yoast SEO Plugin  for WordPress (Free)

Yoast Seo is a plugin for WordPress website, it is one of the best plugins for SEO, but it has limited features for the free version. The free version offers many great features you can use it to optimize meta tags and content, generate XML sitemaps, URL structure(slug)  and optimize your content for search engine.

Yoast is a powerful tool that can help you make your site search engine-friendly.


4. SEMrush (Freemium)

SEMrush is one of the best SEO tool that every marketer must use. It conducts a comprehensive SEO audit and displays the percentage of search traffic and the number of backlinks that a site has. You can even conduct keyword research, topic research, and detailed competitive analysis using this tool. This tool enables you to conduct a comprehensive technical site audit.

You can conduct a Domain vs. Domain competitive analysis.

The backlink analysis tool helps you to dig deeper to analyze the links pointing to any domain.

The keyword research tool lets you find the best keywords for your campaign.

SEMrush also offers more features and unlimited access to various paid plans. While they’re not cheap, you can get started with a 14-day free trial, if you want to test out the premium features. In your trial period, you can try out up to 10 free keyword searches to see if this is the right tool for your marketing strategy.

5. AnswerThePublic (Free )

AnswerThePublic provides the featured tool whereby it presents an inventory of questions/queries people make about a particular keyword.

Once you input a keyword, it fetches popular queries based on that keyword and generates a cool graphic with the questions and phrases individuals use after they hunt for that keyword.

This data gives content creators insight into the concerns and desires of potential customers and allows them to craft highly targeted content that addresses those needs.

Answer the Public also provides keyword suggestions using prepositions such as “versus,” “like,” and “with.”

It is an excellent research tool that can help you create better content that people will enjoy and be more likely to share.

6. SEOQuake (Free)

It’s an extension that displays an SEO overview of any given page through a toolbar or SERP overlay.

It tells about the number of visitors and their country, gets a site’s traffic history trended on a graph, and more. It displays the total number of indexed pages, domain age, social shares, and external links.

Instead of individually checking sites through a standalone tool, you can view real-time stats as you browse.

SEOquake also offers a free on-page audit tool so that you know if there are any errors on your site – and It offers suggestions on how to correct these errors.

Screaming Frog SEO Spider
Screaming Frog SEO Spider

7. Screaming Frog SEO Spider (Freemium)

 The SEO Spider is a desktop program/website crawler, that allows you to crawl websites’ URLs and fetch key onsite elements to analyze onsite SEO.

Screaming Frog is a desktop program that can be installed locally on any PC. It works as a website crawler and a log analyzer for conducting comprehensive technical audits of any website.

This tool helps to evaluate onsite SEO factors, including server errors, broken links, duplicate pages and blocked URLs. It also crawls your website to analyze title and meta descriptions, determining the required length and relevance.

It also outlines whether there are any missing elements. For additional data, the tool integrates with Google Analytics where users are able to generate error reports.

Available for free, but with Free Version you have limited functionality as you can crawl up to 500 URL’s only.

8. KWFinder (Freemium)

 KWFinder is an easy-to-use keyword research tool bringing perfect keyword ideas. It helps you find long-tail keywords with low SEO difficulty.

KWFinder also helps you run analysis reports on backlinks and SERP. KWFinder provides is it helps the users to find long-tail keywords that have a lower level of competition. It also suggests a ton of keyword ideas which you can use and make your website to rank for.


9. GTmetrix (Free)

GTMetrix is a free tool that analyzes your page’s speed performance using Google PageSpeed and YSlow metrics, assigning your site with grades. It also lets you choose the browser, Chrome vs Firefox. You can test and compare website performance against various connection types (like Cable vs dial-up) to see how it affects your page loads.

Alongside the performance score, you also get actionable recommendations on how to make your web page load faster.

10. Serpstat (Freemium)

SERPstat is a complete suite of SEO tools you can use to outrank your competition in the pure game of SEO. SERPstat can be used for free for up to 30 queries in a day.

Serpstat is a toolkit for SEO & PPC keyword research and ideas, backlink analysis, rank tracking, keyword clustering, and more. Its keyword and competitor analysis data cover all the Google regions in the world. The updated version now provides some more helpful data like search volume, competition and more.

Mobile Friendly test
Mobile-Friendly test

11. Mobile-Friendly Test (Free)

Speaking of mobile – search queries on mobile devices are increasing day by day almost 60% of searches are from mobile and therefore it’s important to optimize your site for mobile devices.

Mobile-Friendly Test is a free tool by Google that lets you check the responsiveness of your website on a mobile device.

Type Mobile-Friendly test tool on Google and the first thing you see is the tool . The Mobile-Friendly test tool is easy to use, simply type in the full URL of the web page that you want to test.


12. Moz (Freemium)

MozBar is a free web browser extension that’s available for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox that makes it easy to get advanced metrics and do all your SEO on the go.

The data it provides includes on-page metrics vital to SEO, such as the contents of a webpage’s title tag, alt text, meta robots, etc. as well as insights on the link profile of a webpage & domain, such as Domain Authority or the number of backlinks.

The MozBar SEO extension is available as a free download, but with limited functionality.

Moz Link Explorer is mainly a link analysis tool which is also a free tool. It provides up to 10 queries search for free. Moz also offers a comprehensive view of a website’s backlink profile and includes page link metrics such as domain authority, page authority, and established links.

Tool lets you research your competitor links and compile them on the basis of DA and PA.

You can check the spam score of links pointing to your site so that you can remove such links.

The tool permits you to quickly discover link opportunities by letting you know who is linking to you but not to your competition.

You can see new and lost links and find out the top-performing content on your site.


13. Hunter.io (Free)

Hunter.io is a tool that finds all email addresses related to a website in seconds and lets you connect with the people that matter for your business.

You can also use this tool to find the email address of a specific person. Just enter the domain and the person’s name.


14. Browseo (Free)

 Browseo permits you see how web pages look without CSS or unnecessary styling. In other words, it shows you how Google bot views your website, that’s helpful for understanding whether or not Google bot sees your web site as intended, or whether it struggles to see important content. It also highlights the element’s  of a page that is relevant for SEO.


15. Majestic (Freemium)

 Majestic is a Backlink Analyzer  Tool.

 Majestic Let’s you  Track your favorite sites with Majestic Campaigns, Use Link Context to find links near you and your competitors, Check out every site’s top backlinks, Filter by topic, quality, language, and a range of industry-standard metrics, Compare top-level metrics for websites and URLs, Discover link opportunities by looking at your competitor websites, Look for mutual links between any two websites and many more features.

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