Top 5 Chrome Extensions You Should Not Miss for SEO of your website .

One of the best thing using chrome extension as it is powered by lots of tremendous supportive extensions that you can download and install to chrome browser for a enhanced browsing experience.

Moz Bar Chrome Extension

Moz is one of the best SEO tool for your digital marketing projects. It’s a premium tool to use. However its few of the functions are free like checking your websites DA & PA (DA- Domain Authority) (PA- Page Authority).

The chrome extension is also available for this tool which is very essential for the digital marketers to check any of the websites DA and PA without using other time taking tools. You have to just click and install this chrome extension and explore the WebPages with their linking domains and spam score.

Alexa Traffic Rank Chrome Extension

This tool is very worth for digital marketers. Its shows your worldwide rank as well as your country ranks.

You can install this extension to check your site performance on daily basis. It’s also showing your webpage speed and the similar sites of your site category, so you can also have the competitor analysis for your website.

Alexa tools is owned by Amazon and it’s also used for its voice command speakers called Amazon echo dot which is voice based speakers where Alexa helps the user over voice commands.

Similar Web Chrome Extension

This is a wonderful tool for competitor analysis. Just download and install the extension and explore the data of your competitor.

Similarweb will show the last three months traffic for that particular website along with traffic channels as how much of t traffic gain through which channel.

You can also compare your competitors by adding up to 5 names in the list and compare the site performance.

It has a wide range of data display where you can also check the monthly visits for a webpage with avg. session duration, page views per visit, bounce rate and lot more.

You can also check the geographical traffic data with this tool as how much traffic your competitor gains in different regions.

This is the must have chrome extension to have installed to your chrome browser.

No Follow Chrome Extension

This is very crucial to check a back link status weather it’s a do follow or no follow.

Whenever you make any of the back link for your site or want to check the status of a back link then you have no need to put your efforts to know.

This extension will help you out identifying a back link type by marking it as a no follow by highlighting it by red dot lines.

Keyword Everywhere Moz extension

This is very essential tool for your keyword research and must have installed to your chrome extension.

By using this extension you can do a keyword research for your business by accessing the data like keyword search volume, CPC, competition etc.

It displays the information right below the Google search bar with keyword information.

Here is the screen shot for the same.

It is worth for your business keyword research as it is also showing a right side bar with related keywords, so that you can check the other keyword phrases related to your keyword and add them into your keyword analysis.

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